There comes a time in every business’ life when less advanced systems are no longer capable of meeting the needs of a growing company. Are you wondering if your business is ready to upgrade from QuickBooks? Here are a few signs that your business is ready for a full ERP system. 

Are you experiencing functionality limitations? Some programs such as QuickBooks only allow you to track bin locations, serial numbers, and lot numbers. With Acumatica you can track your inventory across all locations. Your business will also have the flexibility to choose which accounting method to use as well as change that method over time. 

Maybe your company has become multiple entities. An entrepreneur in your business may want to launch a new business and track each distribution service separately, under different business names. Other software does not allow you to track multiple entities in one place. It may become a struggle to get a consolidated view of your corporate finances. 

Are you experiencing business insight limitations? As companies mature, it will become more important for your accounting system to talk to other enterprise systems. Some of these systems won’t integrate with QuickBooks. It is also extremely difficult to get information out of QuickBooks because it uses a proprietary database that requires a third-party utility to access your accounting database. 

Do you need greater insight into your business?  There will come a time when you need more than just the ability to run queries and see the results. It is important to find business software that allows you to set up data and applications from inside and outside of your organization. It is much easier to gather insight when you can customize your reports to the exact data you want in the format you prefer. 

Lastly, you may be tired of having to install software on machines to give new employees access to the product. With a modern cloud ERP platform, you will have access to your business applications for any web-enabled device without installing any new software. You will not be required to buy additional configurations when giving new users access. 

If these sound like some of the struggles you are facing in your business, we encourage you to reach out so that we can find the right solution for you. 

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