Businesses are shifting more towards operating in the new digital economy and being able to offer customers a full-service, high-quality, omnichannel commerce experience is essential. However, this is largely dependent on the efficacy of your business management technology. The premier global market intelligence firm has released a new complementary Whitepaper on the benefits of integrated eCommerce ERP solutions. 

IDC analysts highlight the pressure B2B and B2C organizations are under to provide customers with products/services quickly, easily, and seamlessly in an online society. With the pandemic, this pressure was increased and expectations were exponentially higher for businesses.

IDC research statistics show that:

  • 61% of organizations are likely to increase B2B digital commerce purchases in the next three years
  • 49% of organizations are working to future proof their business
  • 41% of organizations are investing in new systems to close their digital technology gaps

Along with these expectations, customers are expecting exceptional customer service and if they are not satisfied, they will take their business elsewhere. Consumers are now able to reach infinitely more people than previously able to. Statistics also show that unhappy customers are more likely to share their negative experience than are those with positive experience. 

According to IDC, many organizations are trying to meet the growing expectations while simultaneously growing their business. Implementing a complete digital business platform that seamlessly connects their entire business with their website and customer is a must. This may seem like a daunting task, but take a look at our blog on how to implement these systems. 

To conclude, the IDC analysts agree that tightly integrated front-office and back-office applications are critical if B2B and B2C organizations want to succeed in the rapidly changing global and digital economy. It is recommended that a business select SaaS-based ERP and digital commerce platforms with native integrations. Acumatica software can offer this and here at Business Software Advisors, we would love to assist you in this process. 

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