Technology and the Cloud change every second; it is essential to stay on top of your business. One essential tool to utilize is an actual cloud-based ERP solution. There is a difference between the real cloud and the fake cloud. 

Traditionally, many companies accessed their business systems on a desktop. These applications used old technologies that were limited to creating the best experience for desktop users only. With the changing needs of our workforce and the rapidly advancing mobile technologies, cloud computing is becoming a necessity. 

The critical step to creating cloud applications is to ensure that each user has different needs, ways they interact with the application, and the goals they want to accomplish on each device. For example, users who access applications on their desktop are typically there to complete complex tasks. In contrast, mobile use-cases entail more straightforward tasks such as monitoring KPIs or recording time. Writing a user-friendly business application is an expensive and timely process. However, designing an equally efficient app for each user and the channel they use it on is a crucial ingredient for building a cloud application. 

The fake cloud is constrained by the technical limitations of underlying legacy technologies. These apps may or may not work in two browser tabs simultaneously, this can limit one’s ability to multitask. The fake cloud may also require you to open a browser on different devices limiting one’s ability to perform complex tasks. It will feel as though a person were trying to access a desktop website on their mobile device. Using the fake cloud may cause your business to lose money. Some financial implications due to a fake cloud may be longer order-to-cash cycles, faster competition, and higher costs. 

It is safe to say that going with a natively built cloud ERP solution, such as Acumatica, in your and your business’ best interest. Acumatica is built on a modern, cloud-based ERP platform. Don’t lose money with a fake cloud ERP solution. 

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