Usability should be a top priority as you assess the capabilities of any ERP system. It is essential that you, as the buyer, factor ERP usability into your cloud ERP evaluation. Nucleus Research rated 23 cloud ERP software vendors based on usability, functionality, and potential ROI in their ERP Technology Value Matrix.

Some of the benefits of selection and ERP based on its usability are:

  1. Increased user and employee satisfaction
  2. Reduced time, effort, and money to train users
  3. Better data management
  4. Improved collaboration
  5. Enhanced forecasting
  6. Increased productivity and business growth

Acumatica provides a 100% browser-enabled ERP solution that can be accessed from anywhere on any device. Unlimited user licensing allows your team to share and analyze information across all departments in real-time. With personalized dashboards built-in BI you can adapt your dashboard depending on your job function. We put customers and their ability to use our cloud ERP solution first, utilizing customer feedback throughout every major release. 

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