Some of the most advanced manufacturing environments are impacted by the new tools of technology or manufacturing software options. For example:

  • Zero touch automation incorporates voice recognition and voice response to support the daily routine. Alexa is built into the system as well as augmented reality to further enhance hands-free operation. 
  • Powerful search tools within the application enables you to enter a generic description of an item and then match it with other items in inventory, history, or not in your system as yet. You can even search for an item based on a photo. 
  • Machine learning guides search, operations, support and information entry to make systems more responsive, less intrusive, and more effective.

Acumatica’s platform is based on de-facto standard components – Microsoft operating environment and system tools and cloud technologies from Amazon Web Services. Using standard protocols with these mainstream platform components allows you to choose from a broad universe of additional technologies with a wide range of supplies. Utilizing a single cloud-based ERP solution is the future. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition supplies the modern technology – and security – required to meet both short-and-long term goals. 

Let us know if you have any questions and/or would like a free demo of Acumatica’s manufacturing software!